A private commercial real estate firm, that handles acquisitions of all commercial property types and investment opportunities. CREX Investments executes value-add strategies with assets located throughout the U.S. Utilizing our in house extensive commercial real estate expertise to create value, reposition and stabilize for longterm capital gains.

CREX Investments brings a deep knowledge of investment strategies across the various categories of commercial real estate. Our team has practical experience as active investors themselves, bringing in selective professionals to conduct the due diligence for a successful outcome.

We have been fortunate to have developed long standing relationships with brokers throughout the US. As such, we see multiple on and “off market” opportunities on a daily basis to pursue with creative structures for repositioning.





With over 30 years experience investing in Multi-Family we understand the complexity of market trends and timing. Our acquisitions are broad from a smaller unit purchase to rehab and repositioning hundreds of units. We thrive to identify investment opportunities with value add components for a long term hold. Throughout ownership, we use onsite management professionals to ensure a fully stabilized asset after repositioning.




Our team is experienced in many aspects of commercial real estate acquisitions including self storage investing. We begin by conducting thorough market analysis to identify prime investment opportunities aligned with our goals. Leveraging our expertise, we utilize professionals for property identification, financial analysis, and due diligence, ensuring informed decision-making and risk mitigation. Throughout ownership, we use marketing and management professionals to support strategic planning for stabilization and exit strategies.

Our Goal

We are positioned to fully execute on acquisition opportunities across the US. Leveraging our extensive market expertise, to maintain access to both on and off market investment opportunities. From contract and throughout due diligence to closing, our team is dedicated to ensure we are making the right investment decisions that provide a successful outcome to build our portfolio.



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