Hey its Terry,

I’m seriously looking for partners to close some more deals with. 

Learning the business is not as difficult as it might seem. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but I’ve simplified the “how to” and I’m right there with you every step of the way.

Let’s see if we're a fit to do business together. On our call I will walk you through the program and what I ask of you.

The reality is, this is not an educational program or training class, this is a life changing experience to partner with me and allow me to duplicate myself through our journey together.

If you’re just curious or the timing is off, due to any unforeseen reasons, let's pass on a chat. 

Nobody does anything for free and I would not ask you to, so please don’t ask me either. 

Some people ask me to teach for free and give away all my trade secrets, then compensate me out of the deal? That is ridiculous and not real, I have a business model and it has evolved into a machine. 

Just as I said in the video there is a time and financial commitment and when we close our deal together your make 100% whole on investing in yourself. 

The biggest gift is the time I give back, freeing you from swapping hours for dollars and supporting someone else in their dreams and endeavors. Even if you happen to be working for yourself, if you’re not pulling in 7-figures then you created yourself a trap, and need to be set free.

Commercial real estate has made more multi-millionaires than any stock trades, crypto placements and there is room for you to get your share of deals. 

Look, I’m not for everyone and everyone is not for me, but if you really want this, and can truly see yourself being a success with closing a real transaction with me, then let’s talk.


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